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The Salzburg Institute of Reading Research (SIRR) is an interdisciplinary research unit of the InterCultural Center. The following aspects of reading research are covered:

  • all linguistic aspects of literacy including developmental and acquired dyslexia
  • Reading eye movements (eye-tracking) of:
    • Typically developing children and dyslexic children
    • Children who learn to read in two languages (two phonological systems)
    • Children who learn to read in different scripts (alphabetic- non-alphabetic scripts)
    • Adults who learn to read in a second/ third language
  • early identification tools to prevent literacy difficulties: effective prevention and intervention

Our mission is

  • to conduct basic research on reading, reading growth, reading assessment, and reading instruction that will contribute to the scientific knowledge of reading
  • to conduct applied research that will have an immediate impact on policy and practices related to literacy instruction

Director of the Salzburg Institute of Reading Research (SIRR): Prof. Dr. Thomas Kaltenbacher

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Salzburg Intercultural and Reading Research (SIRR) Publications:

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  • Via the internet we can share perfect copies of our work with a worldwide audience at virtually no cost. We take advantage of this revolutionary opportunity and make our work “open access”: digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.
  • SIRR Publications is an international academic publisher that issues a peer-reviewed, intercultural journal as well as academic books and educational children’s literature free of charge.
  • SIRR is dedicated to meet the high demands of academic and professional needs. Our ICC Board (see brochure) authors, edits and peer-reviews works on emerging topics in intercultural studies & communication sciences and disorders. With the help of open access we are able to make brilliant ideas and solutions for state-of-the-field theory, research and projects quickly accessible.
  • SIRR places the needs of students, teachers and researchers at the heart of its venture and shares their passion for transforming lives around the world.
  • Thinking divergently and encouraging creativity– together with our research partners and fellow academics we publish challenging texts to promote cultural change!

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Audiovisual Speech Perception in Dyslexia