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No major company strategy is complete these days without a statement on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and a subsequent sustainable implementation.

Successful companies espouse their desire to invest in society and cultural issues and care for the environment.

The idea of CSR involves going beyond looking simply at how to make the most money – beyond instrumentalising cultures and people.

At a fundamental level CSR includes a wider

commitment to building a better society.

To our partners looking after the company’s reputation is not and can never be the primary driver.

Establishing a relationship of trust lies at the heart of our partners’ intent: authenticity, transparency and commitment are necessary to establish this special bond of mutual benefit. This bond of appreciation is the key to a successful CSR programme. Our partners have earned this trust!

THANK YOU for your committment!

Benefits of Membership

  • Free Access to our ICC Articles
  • Significantly reduced fees for our ICC seminars, workshops, summer & winter schools, conferences
  • Free participation in the annual advanced intercultural training seminar
  • ICC Annual Membership Fee: €99
  • ICC Annual Student Membership Fee: €55

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