Study Intercultural Competence at the Heart of Europe

The InterCultural Center consists of two departments:

  • The Department of Intercultural and Communication Studies (ICS)
  • The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders – Multilingual, Multicultural and Intergenerational Concerns (CSD)

At the heart of our InterCultural Center lies our educational aim to facilitate:

  • multiple disciplinary perspectives
  • critical thinking
  • ethical action
  • generating ‘virtual third cultures’ – the interactional space where intercultural learning, increased creativity, effectiveness and innovation occurs
  • ‘real-life’ applicability & relevance
  • creating synergies

Our intercultural programmes aim at developing transferable intercultural competences that can be applied to dealing with cross-cultural contact in general, not just skills useful in one particular culture.

Our diverse team facilitates intercultural learning as an intentional educational effort on-site and off-site at our international partner universities as well as during internships abroad.

In our programmes we emphasise offering multiple disciplinary perspectives, fostering critical thinking and ethical action and provide ‘real-life’ applicability & relevance of knowledge/skills/experiences to promote the creation of synergies and provide innovative solutions for current challenges in our societies.